Proper hair growth is extremely important in maintain the coat on a rough coated dog.  If the hair is not pulled correctly the results will not be optimal.  Most conventional stripping tools have a 'V' tooth design.  Hair will gather at the base of the V tooth and will 'cut or break off' resulting in "Breaking the Coat".  The DiamaStripper was designed with a square tooth and square gusset style tooth.  The result was NO cat breakage or cutting.  The DiamaStripper with not teeth does not break or cut coat.  The diamond electroplating on the DiamaStrippers prevents slippage of hair.  This, along with the ergonomic handle, allows the person hand-stripping to not over grip while using the DiamaStrippers which helps eliminate arm/hand fatigue.
DiamaStripper 'Revolution'
Seven Tools In One!  Right and Left handed use in one tool!
The DiamaStripper was created, patented, assembled, and MADE in the USA!  The entire tool was made in Michigan.  By keeping the manufacturing process in the USA we were able to maintain the overall quality of each and every tool.

The handle was ergonomically precision molded using a high grade urethane base.  This urethane is designed to withstand excessive use and abuse.  The rubberized grip gives the operator an incredible feeling of comfort and control.  One tool...right AND left handed use.
Conventional strippers only do one procedure...strip coat with hair breakage/cutting...AND you are limited to right or left hand which means a separate tool must be purchased...one for right hand and one for left hand.

 The DiamaStripper does the work of 7 tools....one tool...right AND left handed...NO COAT BREAKAGE/CUTTING
Two differing ends available.  One with square gusseted teeth for undercoat/blending/finishing.  The other end with no teeth for topcoat/take downs.  NO coat breakage with either end.
Two opposing sloped ends.  One for large areas..the other for smaller detailed areas such as faces and ears.  Also great for plucking individual hairs on entire body.
The metal assembly of the DiamaStripper was meticulously milled within .002" to maintain weight, tapers, and radius'.  No other stripping tool on the market has this perfection.  The metal material was chosen to provide the best characteristics for the application.
The ends of the DiamaStripper have authentic electroplated diamond applied..(yes..just like the diamond on your finger).  This unique diamond was chosen by diamond professionals who thoroughly understand the characteristics of diamond. The electroplating was completed using a special process developed to give the tool its excessive 'GRIP' and durability.
Cleanable with the DiamaKleen cleaner.  This cleaner is biodegradable and non-toxic.  Specially formulated for the cleaning the ends of the tool of dander/hair without discoloration or damage.  The DiamaKleen will bring the DiamaStripper back to its new diamond condition and performance!
If you are concerned about weight...be concerned no more!  The DiamaStripper weighs an amazing 3 ounces!  A tremendous amount of machining was done to alleviate as much weight as possible.  Hand stripping for hours will be no problem.
Many stripping tools on the market have sharp corners and edges which can dig holes in the coat and skin especially in  thin/sensitive areas.  In some cases resulting in medical attention.  The DiamaStripper has radius (rounded) corners and edges on all stripping surfaces which will eliminate the concern of damage to the animal.
DSN-DiamaStripper No Teeth model
DST-DiamaStripper Teeth model
DiamaStripper Combo
An example of a veteran hand-stripper's hand after several years of stripping with conventional strippers.  The conventional stripping tools used for many generations had no ergonomic handles.  The surfaces of the tools were also slippery shiny steel.  The hands and the fingers of the hand-stripper had to put excessive pressure on the tools to assure adequate grasping of the hair.  After many years of either hand-plucking hairs with fingers or using conventional tools...disfiguring issues start to appear usually resulting in serious medical attention.
The DiamaStripper is specifically designed to prevent and alleviate potential hand/arm issues associated with conventional hand-stripping procedures.
US Patented
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Toothed Model